Yoga pants - Harem pants from the Orient

The Orient harem pants or aladin pants come from the origin of the Arab world. This garment was worn with a low-hanging crotch mainly by men. The trousers are recognizable from a distance, especially due to their wide cut. It is a mix of skirt and pants and very comfortable to wear. In the meantime, many more women wear these trousers than men. The harem pants are often worn in hot temperatures and it is also perfect for cuddly evenings on the couch.


Harem pants by kamah - fair made and 100% organic

There are the harem pants in different lengths and also colors and styles – kamah has the pants, which mainly celebrated their wedding in the USA in the 80s and 90s - to be some time in the program. Like all yoga and sports fashions, the harem pants are made fair by us with 100% organic cotton.

> 100% organic & sustainable production of harem pants
> 100% fair wages for seamstresses and workers
> 100% own design
> 100% perfect for your harem style

Our harem pants are, as handmade mostly unique. These aladin pants are available in many colours and variants. Harem pants - also known as noble Sarouel pants from Morocco - are particularly nice - since easy - to wear. Our harem pants can be found as a shortened 3/4 model. Kamah works less with colorful patterns than with plain colors. This allows the harem pants to be used perfectly for yoga or relaxation on the coach.

Through hip-hop artists like MC Hammer on MTV or VIVA, the harem pants were en voge in the 80s/90s in the USA and Europe. Back then, the pants were mainly worn by young men to be cool. In the meantime, the picture has completely changed. The pants are mainly seen in women nowadays. The Aladin pants are used for the outfit at home but also for the evening equipment.

With the harem pants you can also make all the asanas of yoga, whereby tight-fitting leggings are better suited. Yoga has many positive effects, but it does not replace endurance sports like jogging or the like. Also, you should know, you don't have to be particularly religious to be able to make your asanas. Yoga sets ethical standards.