Kali - Jumpsuit The casual jumpKALI made of bamboo material is "on and off the mat" to wear mega pleasantly...
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Yoga jumpsuits for women

What are jumpsuits? Jumpsuits are one-piece garments throughout. Women love the casual and uncomplicated look of the trouser suit, which is generally available with long and short sleeves and trouser legs, flared as a trouser dress and close-fitting as a catsuit. Our jumpsuit has undergone an exciting transformation: originally as harem pants with an oversized turn-up waistband, the pants were styled as overall. The hour of birth of our jumpsuits.

What are the advantages of jumpsuits?

Loose fitting jumpsuits are real figure wonders. Annoying pounds disappear invisibly under the one-pieces. You use it to hide your small problem areas in an elegant way. In addition, the overall saves you a lot of time: once put on, you don't have to think about what to wear with it. A thin jacket in the warm months completes the cool look, as does a coat in winter. High heels transform the one-piece into a breathtaking catwalk look, while sneakers create a sporty look.

How can I combine jumpsuits?

Yoga jumpsuits are casual overalls that are great to combine. They can be styled with many jackets to create a modern look. Cardigans go just as well with the one-pieces as leather jackets and blousons. Women who wear jumpsuits prefer the casual style: cool, comfortable and yet feminine. So you can wear the jumpsuit perfectly in the home office, sport and as a street style.

What material are most overalls made of?

Since the designers of fashion brands recognized the popularity of one-pieces, the suits have been made in a wide variety of materials for all collections. They are available in fine silk, viscose, cotton, denim and spandex. They are designed for both summer and winter, with long and short arms and legs. Even the sports industry creates jumpsuits in a sporty style that can be combined well with cool jackets for the street style look. Our jumpsuits are designed to enrich sporty and athleisure moments. We therefore attach great importance to high-quality, soft material and use a fine blend of viscose and elastane.

Do jumpsuits look bad for chubby people?

Not at all. Because jumpsuits can be styled in different ways and prevent stressing problem areas. Excess kilos can even be cleverly hidden. The overalls are true all-rounders in concealing unfavorable areas. The suits have - if they are not tight-fitting catsuits - usually a waistband or a belt in the hip, with which the "top" of the suit can be worn loosely. The pant legs are not tight either and are therefore not figure-hugging. All in all, jumpsuits are loose-fitting suits that are comfortable and beneficial.

How do you clean jumpsuits?

Many brands advise professional cleaning of their garments. This is certainly advisable when it comes to fabrics that you shouldn't wash yourself. Materials such as viscose elastane can be washed at up to 30 °, but should not be tumble dried. Elastane is a quick drying material.

Jumpsuits are ideal for:
✔ yoga
✔ Pilates
✔ Dance
✔ Ballet workout
✔ The town
✔ For chilling on the couch
✔ Party evening

Can I wear sporty yoga jumpsuits outside of sports lessons?

Overalls are an indispensable part of any wardrobe and fit almost every occasion. Hardly any other item of clothing has managed to make the leap from the original “flight suit” to the catwalk. The one-pieces are comfortable, stylish, easy to combine and versatile to wear. The all-rounder is a versatile item of clothing in fabrics such as viscose-elastane: in yoga and Pilates classes, at home as athleisure wear and also as a sporty street style, a jumpsuit cuts a great figure. Many travelers appreciate the convenience of the one-piece and combine it with a cool jacket and sneakers on flights.