Aerial Yoga cloth, blue storm

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Aerial Yoga is practiced in a large cloth fixed to the ceiling. It gives a feeling of weightlessness, and thus a unique feeling of freedom. Aerial Yoga is a fascinating mixture of Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and acrobatics and is suitable for all yoga levels.
In the large cloth, inversions are possible with less effort and also without pressure on the head, neck or spine. Stability and mobility are promoted in a playful way. Aerial Yoga is just fun!

With us there are the cloths in different colors and suspensions (except the ceiling hooks) - and everything either as individual articles or at the favorable package price.

Size: 3.70 x 2.80 m
Material: special nylon fiber
Stable up to 400kg (only suitable for one Person)

We assume no liability for improper suspension or accidents.
Return only of completely unused cloths without traces of use!

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