New trend - yoga in the hanging towel - aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners. This type of yoga in the air is an all-round training that gives the body strength, flexibility and endurance. As with any sport, you will feel a significant increase in wellbeing afterwards. In cloth yoga, almost all muscle groups are contracted and then stretched again. Although Areal Yoga looks like dancing swings, this type of yoga is a perfect, beautiful variant of the yoga sport. Very little is needed to be able to perform aerial.

The requirements for aerial yoga?

As with yoga itself, you need basic tension in the body core. Also a little courage, gravity and trusting yourself completely with the cloth as well as a sense of balance  is needed. Aerial yoga is especially made for stressed people who take on a leading role with a lot of responsibility in everyday life. Giving up control is a central part of yoga.

Aerial Yoga is flying full body training

Yoga in a towel attached to the ceiling - that is aerial yoga. The trapezoidal cut cloth enables all yoga exercises to be carried out in a floating way.

Thus, e.g. throws the asanas into the air. Depending on the position, the body weight and thus the force of gravity can be transferred more or less to the cloth. While weight is less of an issue in yoga in the air, body tension and balance are particularly required. The back is relaxed in the hanging asanas - even tension from the office, mobile phone or incorrect postures like to resolve itself.

Where can I try aerial yoga?

Almost every yoga studio offers the perfect full body workout - aerial yoga. You can sometimes find flying yoga in luxury hotels or better fitness studios in the city.

In the large cloth, inverse postures are possible with less effort and without pressure on the head, neck or spine. Stability and mobility are promoted in a playful way. Aerial yoga is just fun!

Aerial yoga is practiced in a large cloth attached to the ceiling. It conveys a feeling of weightlessness and thus a unique feeling of freedom. Aerial Yoga is a fascinating mix of yoga, meditation and acrobatics and is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

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