Yoga Oberteile Sport Tops

Bra and Crop Tops-the sheer lightness of being ...

The classic bra has long since received competition: BH-tops are more comfortable and the perfect companion under wearer tops and dresses. BH-tops have the look of a Tops with the hold of a bra.

Models with continuous straps with and without straps offer many possibilities to wear them: under dresses, T-shirts, a shoulder-free shirt. All-round talents are also becoming increasingly popular in sport. Because of perfect grip and breathable materials, they are ideal as sports bras. Cool and trendy designs catapult the top on the catwalks of sports and fashion fashion.

Yoga Bekleidung Athleisure

kamah Yoga Friends-Interview with Manuela König

"Smile, and the world changes"

When you go on your yoga path at INDRA YOGA, you start with a gentle smile that you give yourself and then you set off "step by step" on your way to you!"  Manuela König 

Manuela König, yoga and life coach and owner of the yoga school INDRA YOGA, has been part of the kamah Yoga Family for years.

Herren Bekleidung Yoga Herren Shop

Basics for men!

Fashion houses usually occupy the men's section on the upper floors, along with clothing for children. Women, on the other hand, stroll over the best-located floors to be able to hunt down the latest collections.

The basis of this planning by the fashion houses is of course that women have always been shopping more and (wanting) more clothes than men. The collections developed not only in terms of depth, but also in breadth. Women buy tons of different pants, various tops, a colorful selection of coats, lots of shoes for many occasions and of course accessories for head to toe ...


Yoga Bekleidung Yoga Style

We'd love to…

Time-out. Escape from everyday life. Pure relaxation. In our thoughts we book Retreats around the world. It's fun to think about where the journey will go. Sometime. Again. In the suitcase come Yoga Outfits made of comfortable soft fabrics and beautiful colors. Yoga Leggings, a Bolero jacket, a Yoga suit. And of course colorful Yoga Shirts and a cool Sweatshirt.

Whatever you are planning, we wish you a lot of fun.

We care - you wear.

Love, kamah



May. We associate wonderful concepts: Spring, Outdoor Life, ease of the being, vacation planning, light food and, finally, lighter clothes. This May feels different. Even better than, otherwise. Because we gain control of the virus a little bit more, and with it even again may enjoy a little bit more clearance. Out with us. The nature shouts. Let feel to us the spring air – even if currently by our masks - inhale and the life.

And nothing feels more alive, than to dress in new colours and materials. Kamah yoga develops yearly two yogas fashion collections...


kamah kurze Yoga Fashion Hosen


Cycling trousers, Scarts, Capri pants and ¾ Yoga Hose-they conquer Fashion Magazine. The short pants are combined super stylish with Blazer, Oversize Shirt, Pumps or Sneakers. And worn out as a cool office look for a long time.

This style looks great, is comfortable and chilly on hot days. With the matching It-Bag, it becomes a great outfit for Office, Studio or currently the walk around the block. It is important not to style the trousers too colorful.
The following is true: less is more.

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