Straight fits for tops

Gerade Passformen bei Oberteilen
Long fits and loose cuts are the trend. Oversized is the name of this new style that has conquered the fashion world in no time at all: from street wear to haute couture, everyone loves the cool look. Long shirts and shirts, oversized knitwear, hoodies and jackets share the clothes rails; Figure-hugging clothing is currently dominated by casual items.

Narrow vs. wide

Of course, narrow-cut, short tops will continue to hang next to wide oversized bestsellers, because there are also styles that don't allow oversized. Jackets that are cut close to the body, for example, "do not tolerate" oversized shapes underneath. The sleeves and waists of the shirts must be cut in such a way that they can still be combined without problems, for example with a narrow jacket. The solution here are articles that have just been designed, with a slightly oversized shape.

Just cut, is that possible?

Straight Oversized is the name of kamah Yoga collection pieces that have a looser cut and a longer fit. The fashion label pulls the style through all product lines. Yoga tops, athleisure shirts, pullovers and hoodies have this trendy cut, which is also appreciated by customers who have nothing to hide. Because the style is casual. And easy to combine.

Sports fashion 2.0.

Oversized shirts are also convincing in sports fashion. Almost all types of sports are now styling the new wide-cut tops over tight-fitting tops and bras to go with narrow athleisure pants and tights. It hides unwanted problem areas, looks great and is a lot more comfortable.

Yoga sweaters and hoodies go unisex.

Who says cool, loose fitting hoodies and sweaters can only be worn by men? Unisex is the new fashion style ;) - we all want to adorn ourselves with stylish tops now.

We care - you wear.
LOVE, kamah