Yoga clothing 21 - NAMASTAY With Me, all day long

Yoga Kleidung 21  - NAMASTAY With Me, all day long

Deadlines, time pressure. Our days are closely timed. We have long been professionals in our own time management. We cannot magic away the challenges in work and everyday life. But we can magic them up.

By having a good time whenever we find the time. A meeting with friends, dinner at a place we've been wanting to try for a long time, a retreat weekend just by ourselves.

Yoga clothing - uncompromisingly comfortable

It is important during this time to keep an eye on your own well-being between all to-dos and commitments. For example, starting the day with yoga - even if it's only 5 minutes for the sun salutation. We have that much time. For this we wear the new yoga shirt and the comfortable Capri leggings. Because yoga clothing can now be comfortable and functional. Yoga pants in particular can sit well and be comfortable to wear. …Made. Time for a breakfast of fresh seasonal fruit

Daily athleisure wear

Meetings and calls determine the everyday life of many. But we ourselves decide the feel-good factor "style". For example, choose a blazer with a white shirt and darker, plain-colored yoga pants. can we do that Why, surely! Because yoga pants are designed so classically these days that they look like modern suit pants: loosely cut and made of sustainable, high-quality material.
This is what a suit should feel like.

Lunch in the sun tastes light and fresh. Like our mood. Back in the office, we feel the coolness on our necks. Our soft cashmere poncho warms your shoulders.

Never without my yoga jumpsuit!

The working day is done. Let's go - you wanted to use the afternoon to run a few errands. You had ordered clothes from the yoga shop that you can pick up at the post office. You had been thinking about a yoga jumpsuit for a long time. And found the perfect one-piece suit at kamah yoga. In light grey, which can be worn with basic colors such as black or white, but also looks modern in a mix with bright colours. Jumpsuits are perfect when you need something quick, but you still want a trendy style. And they can be combined with everything: with casual yoga shirts, oversized hoodies and light jackets. You leave it on the jumpsuit right away for your evening on the couch.

Business clothing mixed with yoga wear

In recent years, fashion has been developing in a more casual direction. Classic cotton pantsuits and costumes are dusty and sorted out. Noble materials and modern cuts do the job. Substances may be combined. Shirts complete the style. Pants may be varied as long as they are made of quality materials. We want to wear comfortable styles that bridge the gap between comfort and class. Like yoga pants: casual cuts, fine fabrics.

Yoga clothing has found its way into everyday business life.


LOVE, kamah