Movie off...

Film ab…

International film festival in the city. Actors and directors give interviews; Press conferences are on the agenda. The spotlights are on you. Flashlight Thunderstorm. Applause. Your movie starts...and action...!

female maincast: you male maincast / love interest: the handsome stranger styling: kamah location: your city

Scene 1: The day begins.

The alarm clock is ruthless again today. He brutally tears you out of your sleep. ... well then, good morning. It's cool in the apartment. You quickly throw on your yoga wrap jacket - you have it in the basic colors charcoal and night blue. Because it fits whenever you need something to snuggle up in. You stroll towards the kitchen to start the coffee machine. Time for coffee. After that, the world looks a little more awake. You get ready: Sport is on the agenda. You decide to jog for half an hour to get some fresh air. The sky glows blue. Your yoga capri leggings too. In your Mediterraneo set, consisting of leggings and top, you are ready to go. Soundtrack on, and let's go.

Scene 2: Office time.

It's nice to be back in the office. Meet colleagues, feel life. your look? Relaxed of course! In your Yoga Culotte Wanda, which you combine with a white oversized shirt, nothing throws you off track. Too many meetings? You master it easily in your sporty, casual outfit. And a second coffee. Your cell phone rings - a friend calls and arranges to meet you for the evening. But before that, there are still a few yoga exercises on the plan.

Scene 3: Yoga Studio

Finally "real" yoga again far away from the online world. The best reason to choose your favorite yoga wear. You choose the loose yoga shirt to a figure-shaping yoga tight and the matching bra top. Because it should be comfortable and functional at the same time. As the next unit in the coming week you will choose Zumba. Your look for it? Of course, your yoga outfit fits here. Because the quick-drying yoga clothing from kamah also works for sports such as Zumba and fitness.
Scene 4: Best Place in Town. You have an appointment with friends in the newly opened bar. Lounge music sounds from the rooms. Perfect!, you think and smile briefly. Because you also chose your style to be loungy sexy. Your boyfriend-style yoga pants made of soft jersey material combined with a cropped top and classy sneakers go perfectly with the style of the bar. And with the people. Chilling hours are guaranteed.
Scene 5: OSCAR. You are sitting on the terrace. The sun is slowly setting; it is getting cold. How good that you took your zipped jacket made of functional material with you after all. When you want to slip into the sleeves of your jacket, you suddenly feel hands behind you that help you. You turn around in amazement - and look straight into a bewildering pair of blue eyes. You feel your heart skip a second. It's like lightning struck. Embarrassed, your gaze avoids. You look down and notice the casual jersey pants and classy t-shirt he's wearing under his denim jacket. You think cool style and are desperately looking for a sentence that is just as cool, with which you can cover up your self-consciousness. He forestalls you: "My name is OSCAR ... and you?" His voice is warm and masculine at the same time ...
The picture freezes – music plays.
END Part 1
How will it go on???

Why are we dedicating a screenplay to this blog? Because we love movies. And because kamah's designer Verena Sapper is also frequently working as a costume designer for TV and cinema. …her second passion, for which she has already been awarded the German Television Prize in the “Best Costume” category. And movie off...

We care - you wear.

LOVE, kamah