Pack the summer, we're going away

Pack den Sommer ein, wir verreisen

Is the turbulent year behind us? At least right now it feels like this crisis is over for now. It may not be the last challenge that comes our way. Common crises. own crises.

But we are learning to wriggle out of them and, more than ever, to give the reins to positivity.

We breathe easier again and summer is coming. Unstoppable. So eagerly awaited. Our styles are becoming airier and our zest for action greater. More sport. More experience. Yoga. pilates Jog. Preferably everything at once. We long to experience more again. Maybe to travel soon.

Yoga outfit aka lounge wear

Let's do it. Get out into nature. We deliberately lace our sneakers tighter to have a long run. Our yoga leggings and the matching cropped top complement the sporty style. We feel the warm wind. As a reward we get a smoothie at the café around the corner. And wear an oversized yoga shirt that blows slightly in the wind.

In the luggage? Yoga leggings and sporty tops, of course.

Finally. The long-awaited vacation is coming. Pack suitcase. Do we still know how to do this? It is best for us to pack what takes up little space and looks great at the same time. Yoga tops and thin yoga shirts, for example, can be wrapped and easily stowed away. Cool hoodies belong in every bag: they keep you warm on windy and cooler evenings and also look stylish under a smart jacket. As a set, plus figure-shaping yoga pants. Because yoga pants are the perfect holiday companion. They are easy to combine and, especially in basic tones such as black, charcoal and dark blue, can be worn like a suit with a matching top. During the day, the ¾ or long leggings can be replaced with Capri leggings. The half-length pants look great with a wide shirt and are our most important piece of clothing in summer.

yoga clothes? It is best to spend the whole day in it.

Yoga clothing has the advantage over classic sportswear that it looks classier and is extremely comfortable. Yoga wear can be combined in many ways and is therefore perfect for travel, days at the beach and stays in the hotel. And the usually quick-drying material allows washing and drying in no time at all. Because we don't want to spend our free time with everyday tasks, but use it to explore the world again.

Athleisure wear – what else?!

What are we demanding of our clothes these days? It has to be practical and uncomplicated. And look great doing it. Yoga looks fulfill all of these characteristics, and with the right accessories, a sporty lounge wear wardrobe can be styled for the evening. We're going out again. dinner At bars. In restaurants. The short black? Went further back in our closet with every lockdown. The front ranks now belong to the noble lounge wear styles: oversized shirts, lounge pants and hoodies, which we combine with skirts, dresses and chic shirts. We want to mix classy with sporty. Because it looks great. Cool clothes, easy to match and so comfortable.

Our look has become cooler. uncomplicated. Finally.

We care - you wear.

LOVE, kamah