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Kamahyoga was founded in 2008 by Verena Sapper. The designer and managing director of Yoga Label is an award-winning costume and fashion designer. Since then, the shop on the web has been an expression of her personal attitude: to make the world a little better with sustainable organic yoga clothing. Kamah means "devotional love" in Sanskrit.

This is how sustainable, trendy and at the same time cool yoga tops , yoga trousers, yoga pants and leggings and much more are made from recycled PET bottles. Even though major fashion labels such as adidas, H&M and other verticals have now picked up this trend, kamahyoga stands for an attitude that does not change even if the trend is no longer "en vogue".

In the yoga clothing from kamah there are favorite pieces for all ages. Here Verena Sapper can incorporate her many years of experience as a costume designer. The yoga tops, yoga shirts or yoga pants are specially cut and processed so that they always fit perfectly compared to normal sportswear specifically for asanas and other yoga exercises. Verena always uses a high proportion of tencel or stretch in her collections for yoga clothing, so that the asanas do not constrict veins, cause uncomfortable pulling or the clothing sags.

A collection idea of ​​yoga clothing in organic quality - that was the beginning of Kamahyoga. The aim of the designs should be fashionable and at the same time comfortable to wear yoga clothing. Nothing should slip, "pinch" or even "pinch".

Unlike in conventional production, the cotton and fabrics of the unique yoga clothing are not brought to production maturity with pesticides and fertilizers. Our fabrics come from Portugal, the workers get a decent wage and the cotton and the processing conditions are exemplary. Verena is on site at least 4x a year to get an idea of ​​the conditions and further optimization possibilities for the organic cotton and the working conditions.