Revolution in the wardrobe

Revolution im Kleiderschrank

Closets see clothes come and go. These include - longer-lasting - classics such as jeans, t-shirts and knitwear, and fashionable seasonal garments that are subject to a trend and are sorted out according to the season. And clothing that becomes different, i.e. more modern, in the course of its evolution.

Yoga bras conquer underwear

While a jeans style always has to endure changes, blue denim is and will remain a classic.
The situation is different with the bras we know today. Here, not only did the garment undergo a dramatic (and dramatically positive!) change, even the name was tweaked. The underwear, formerly known as a bra, always tried its best and could only fail. The bra garment was in great need of optimization. Visually as well as in terms of content. It pressed, constricted, and also looked to be getting used to. If the fashion industry tried to tune it optically with lace, it only achieved change without improvement.
Thus, over the decades, the bra has been optimized in terms of progress and has grown into something modern and, above all, practical: the bra. Not only does the name already show great progress, so does the fit. A revolution born from the evolution of an uncomfortable garment. Long live progress. The alternative to wearing nothing underneath.

Lounge pants vs jogging pants

The situation is similar with lounge pants. What a noble name for jogging pants. That's what they used to be called. With a matching top, they were scolded jogging suits. Those who wore it outside the sports park were frowned upon. Approximate acceptance by those who left it on for the drive home. Shame on those who wore it without a sporting ulterior motive.
Why was one considered "negligent" or "unsocial" when one reached for this comfortable pair of pants? Did it always have to be something tight that looked "classy"?

The (long overdue) birth of modern lounge wear

Designers around the world created variants of the jogging suit. And over the years, the form evolved into a design. The - admittedly - far too wide trouser leg was given a line and a modern cut and turned out to be a slim line pant, which today is produced from a wide variety of materials. This is how every sport created its style and the right clothing.

Yoga clothing has undergone decades of development

Yoga clothing is probably the most versatile, because it not only serves the different yoga styles, but it can also be worn in other sports such as running and in the gym. This is how a wide range of sporty items developed, which is used far beyond yoga. Yoga shirts and yoga leggings in particular are also popular as lounge wear. Yoga clothing is comfortable and sporty, but not too sporty in style. The fabrics are soft and comfortable and mostly sustainable. And therefore far too comfortable to only use them in yoga.

This is how the clothes in the wardrobes evolved over the decades. Uncomfortable clothes gradually disappeared from the range and were replaced by products with modern fits and noble fabrics.

Wardrobes speak volumes. Does your closet speak a modern language?

We care - you wear.
LOVE, kamah