New colors & styles in the Yoga Shop

Neue Farben & Styles im Yoga Shop

The turn of the year automatically brings with it the first thoughts of spring. You catch yourself mentally jumping for joy in the direction of outdoor sports and warming rays of sunshine.

The events of the previous year run away.

Headphones on, cool clothes on and out with us! That will come! Colorful fashion can already be found in our yoga shop.

It's fun to stock up on new looks. Fresh colors and prints of our yoga leggings add bright splashes of color to the winter-grey landscape. We love new styles. New yoga pants... And shop sustainably, because in 2020 we learned once again how fragile we and our planet are.

Not only has our attitude towards environmental awareness changed, but also towards the functionality of our everyday fashion. Uncomplicated, stylish and cool is now on the agenda. For our everyday life and especially our styles.

Yoga fashion goes athleisure.

The looks in our yoga shop now work "cross-industry", so to speak. Costumes and suits that only work in the office are a thing of the past and a little dusty. Athleisure is the name of the “new” fashion that is used – and clothes us coolly and stylishly in all situations.

Soft and elegant yoga pants are increasingly replacing suit pants. And have long since been ready for the stage: the relaxed pants top each other in terms of shape and colour. Fits such as culottes, leggings and loose-fitting pants can be worn either high-waisted or - thanks to a flexible waistband - also low-waisted. They are versatile and can be combined with an incredible number of styles. A wide range of colors enables simple to opulent styling options.

Yoga pant of superlatives

Elastic seams and fits perfectly geared to sports guarantee maximum comfort. This also applies to long periods of sitting in the home office. And the pants don't have to hide. You can no longer see their originally "only" functional orientation. They cover everything in one: business, everyday, office, lounge, relaxation, yoga and sport. And just look beautiful doing it.

We care - you wear.

LOVE, kamah