Beautiful yoga wear & annual balance sheet

Schöne Yogakleidung & Jahresbilanz
It is December. Welcome to the quiet pre-Christmas period. Bake cookies together, eat gingerbread, cuddle on the sofa and watch Christmas movies. And practice yoga at home


Are you fed up with Covid's deceleration? Yes, we are all like that. Well, unfortunately lockdown is still a fact. Staying at home is now fun for the first time in December. Because it's the end of the year and it means we can relax and really slow down. winter time . Time for a cozy yoga suit, a soft jumpsuit or soft, cuddly yoga pants. So put on your favorite pieces and enjoy relaxed lounge wear as you like. Time to gather our strength - and enjoy the Christmas season at home. And the nice side effect: we protect the resources of our planet. So, let's relax - for us and our world.

The year was somehow pretty turbulent.

Different. Calmer on the outside and more stressed on the inside. Much was reduced to HOME. Home office, home shopping, home yoga. Actually more relaxed, but different, because suddenly you were loaded with appointments that also wanted to be accommodated. Our beautiful, sustainable yoga clothing has helped many of our customers to be more relaxed about the demands of these days. We were very happy about the many positive feedbacks and your joy about our clothes. And a happy smile is particularly important these days. Thanks to you all. You make us smile

challenge and opportunity.

All in all, the year was demanding. It demanded a lot of strength from us. But this marathon also gave us more time at home. Yoga, aerial yoga or exercise on the home trainer in your own four walls have been maneuvered onto the daily agenda. This new status quo catapulted sports and yoga fashion onto the catwalk of our lives: beautiful yoga outfits and fashionable home wear became our everyday haute couture.

The world grew more digital.

With the cross-industry digitization, fashion also changed overall. Uncomfortable looks don't suit anyone these days. We show ourselves as we are, unvarnished and real. At the zoom meeting with colleagues, you can now also wear yoga leggings or stylish jersey pants and a nice basic shirt. This works perfectly with the casual, elegant overalls, 2-pieces and suits from kamah: Everyday life at home - comfortable and still chic. The old jogging suits are now finally obsolete. Our styling for 2020 is called yoga wear and lounge wear: light, effortless and elegant. So the perfect opportunity to give athleisure wear, yoga clothing and kamah's casual bamboo one-pieces a big place in the front of the closet. Because this type of yoga fashion will be present there for a long time to come.

Yoga fashion in 2021

Sustainably produced yoga pants are replacing skinny jeans and suit pants, and classy yoga shirts are replacing business blouses. Casual sweaters and warm yoga jackets compete for space with knitwear in winter.

In times like these, it's important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Dressing comfortably and definitely in a way that makes us happy to look at ourselves when we look in the mirror. This works very easily, because kamah's lounge wear looks great and can be transformed into breathtaking looks with the right accessories. And we know: Rock n' Roll for 2021! In yoga leggings, sweater and casual poncho! Yeah!

We care - you wear.
LOVE, kamah