Basics for men!

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The men's section of fashion houses is usually located on the upper floors, along with the children's clothing. Women, on the other hand, stroll over the best-situated floors in order to be able to "hunt" the latest innovations from the fashion labels.

This so-called area planning in fashion and sports stores is based on the common experience that women shop more and (want) to own more clothes for every occasion than men. So the range of the various fashion collections developed more and more in breadth:

Women buy tons of different pants and leggings, tops and tops in all shapes and colors, a colorful selection of coats, leather jackets, hoodies, sports clothing, loungewear and knitwear, lots of shoes for the right occasions and of course accessories, last but not least not to forget the matching handbag ...

Back to basics.

Men, on the other hand, usually concentrate on what they need: their favorite parts and basics - and often the same thing several times over. As a supply.

A men's wardrobe is well sorted with the key pieces for business and leisure. So also in sports and especially yoga clothing. Men wear basics that they can use for many sports.

Where is the men's fashion in online shops?

Numerous fashion labels offer little or no men's fashion. Fashion items for men are seldom found in online shops in particular. kamah is different here: since our very first collection, we have made it our goal to design, in addition to women's styles, coherent athleisure and yoga fashion for men that they can also wear while jogging or in the gym: high-quality and comfortable basics that versatile, and can even be worn in everyday life: yoga pants, yoga shirts and tank tops, basic Bermudas and chilled hoodies

Best quality!

Yoga clothing for men not only has to look cool, it also has to fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. The clothes should be stretchy enough to adapt perfectly to all movements and of course they should also keep their shape for a long time. Yoga clothing hardly differs from classic sportswear. However, the fit and cut of the pants and shirts are particularly important so that the clothing feels good on the body, has natural breathability and can move with you. It is also important that the fabrics for men's clothing transport moisture well. In addition to classic, best fit yoga pants for men, kamah also offers matching sustainably manufactured shirts in the current trend colors. They are made of organic materials with natural breathability such as Viscose bamboo fibers or organic cotton


All yoga clothing from kamah is sustainable and is 100% produced in Portugal, Europe, from the fabric to the finished product. Even our packaging is bio-degradable and is made exclusively for us by our producers in Portugal. Our ecologically manufactured fabrics contribute to a long service life and are eco and fair produced. kamah designs and produces 100% sustainably produced and comfortably fitting yoga clothing made of cotton, bamboo and modal mixtures. The amount of elastane used is as low as possible (yoga and basic t-shirts) - and as high as necessary (well-fitting yoga pants)


We care - you wear.

LOVE, kamah