Gerade Passformen bei Oberteilen

Straight fits for tops

Long fits and loose cuts are the trend. Oversized is the name of this new style that has conquered the fashion world in no time at all: from street...
Yoga Kleidung 21  - NAMASTAY With Me, all day long

Yoga clothing 21 - NAMASTAY With Me, all day long

Deadlines, time pressure. Our days are closely timed. We have long been professionals in our own time management. We cannot magic away the challen...
Pack den Sommer ein, wir verreisen

Pack the summer, we're going away

Is the turbulent year behind us? At least right now it feels like this crisis is over for now. It may not be the last challenge that comes our way....
Revolution im Kleiderschrank

Revolution in the wardrobe

Closets see clothes come and go. These include - longer-lasting - classics such as jeans, t-shirts and knitwear, and fashionable seasonal garments that are subject to a trend and are sorted out according to the season. And clothing that becomes different, i.e. more modern, in the course of its evolution.

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