The designer

Verena Sapper - yoga clothes & Fashion is her passion
Kamah – micron Soulful lifestyle

My elegant and unconventional grandmother had her whole life long a big weakness for fashion and considered to us everybody always with her wonderful own creations. I admired and loved them very much - and, hence, I was already as a child entrancedly from materials and colours.

During my fashion-study time the dream did not let go me any more to put on the market one day my quite own collection. Until it was then so far, nevertheless, nearly 20 more years passed, because I wanted to live possibly many of my talents:

My interest in all what has with health to activities led me to the medicine study; then this woke up my thirst for knowledge for internal processes of the person. I reached to the conviction, mental health and physical well-being are connected inseparably.

So I finished, in addition, a Coaching education. However, the aesthetics of materials and colours did not let go me...

After my final certificate as a fashion designer I worked long as a Freelance designer for various sports labels and fashion labels. In parallel in addition I could realise as a stylist and costume designer for TV and cinema my creativity. Then this career has given to me in 2007 the German television price of the best costume. The many-sided film work also is today, beside Kamah my quite big passion.

Since the foundation of my company for yoga, sport and Soulful lifestyle a wonderful team supports me and we develop yearly two collections in our Munich studio.

Besides, it is to us quite a personal concern to sketch clothes which connect stylish design with high-quality materials. Lastingness and deferential, amicable cooperation play a very big role with all processes.

Only so the collections which provide a completely good feeling for you as a customer / customer of Kamah can originate. I would like to contribute to the fact that you feel authentic in my clothes and can simply be „you yourself“. Besides, the unique clothes of Kamah support you.

The enterprise of Kamah is an expression of my deeply personal life philosophy: With lasting effect and cheers all – our customers, our production partners and particularly our environment.

We Care – You Wear. LOVE = kamah