Yoga, Pilates, strength training - sports clothing for women should fit perfectly and be sustainably produced.

Yoga hasn't been a long timeWomen sportsmore. Yoga is a lifestyle - more than physical exercise. And traditionally, women have long been forbidden to participate in the asanas. These facts are easy to forget with the current trend. More and more women are turning to asanas to find peace in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The first step in a mindful practice, however, always begins with soothing, comfortably fitting clothing.
To ensure that nothing tweaks during sports, kamah relies on the best quality - and that sustainably.

Yoga, Pilates,Weight training, Running or fitness training - women like to keep fit. Regardless of whether you are drawn to the gym or you prefer to train outdoors in nature, high-quality clothing will make you feel completely at ease with all activities and even after exercise. The special thing about sustainable materials is not only the highest quality, but also the perfect fit and high wearing comfort.

While men have the privilege of simply throwing on a top and getting started with the sport, women often struggle with the search for the right sport bra. It is important that nothing pinches and that a decent hold is offered without being too restrictive. Different sports bras also require different sports bras. A stronger hold is needed when running than with yoga. Therefore, it is much more pleasant to have different models at home, so that you can vary depending on the upcoming sport.

Jackets that can be chosen according to taste and season. For example, a bolero is perfect for ballerinas who want to cuddle up a little while warming up without covering their body too much. On the other hand, training jackets are suitable for a wide range of events, whether during sports or afterwards. And of course the classic is still thatsweatshirt, which remains the absolute favorite piece for both slow yoga classes and meditation afterwards.

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