Long yoga pants women

Every day we think about how we can perfect our yoga pants for women to make our customers' yoga and athleisure time perfect. The requirements for yoga pants for women are clear: they have to be comfortable and not only withstand any pose, but also cut a perfect figure. They have to be elastic, stylish and beautiful. And easy to combine in your favorite colors with any yoga outfit. Because one thing is certain: women are wearing their pants here!


We only use sustainable materials and use processing processes and dyeing methods that are as low as possible. We value innovative fabrics that are made in Europe from natural raw materials and recycled plastic. We only produce high quality yoga products that are always developed in harmony with people and nature. This includes respect for the people who produce them and consideration for nature, which provides us with the raw materials. Fair cooperation with our trading and business partners is therefore our top priority.

Organic fashion

We use organic raw materials for our women's yoga pants that are processed in an environmentally friendly manner. Dwindling resources are protected and people's health is also taken care of. That is why we mainly use natural fibers for the pants that are biodegradable in the cycle of life: wool, organic cotton, linen, cellulose and wood fibers such as Tencel and bamboo. With the use of recycled PET bottles, we are setting an example for the reintegration of raw materials that have already been used in the cycle of life. Since 2018 we have also been using completely removable outer packaging for all of our yoga clothing.

Different fits

We pay attention to different fits of the yoga pants for women in order to be able to fulfill every customer's wish. Because the characters of our customers are different. We don't design run-of-the-mill leggings, but different shapes, leg lengths, waist heights, in various materials. Figure-accentuating: Our bestseller leggings have a high waist band that can also be worn turned up. They are made of an opaque, dimensionally stable and elastic material and the narrow leg with shaping seams cuts a great figure. Wide thighs: Harem pants, jumpsuits and our yoga pants with wide thighs taper towards the hem and finish with a cuff. Tight and wide: Bootcut style pants with a slightly flared shape from the knee flatter every figure. The supple, elastic cut from the hip to the knee guarantees a figure-hugging look despite the wide leg.

For yoga, sport and athleisure looks

Our sporty pants are suitable for different sports due to their diverse shapes:

✔ yoga
✔ Pilates
✔ Dance
✔ Ballet workout
✔ fitness
✔ Qi Gong
✔ to jog
✔ tennis
✔ golf
✔ hike

And of course our yoga pants in color classics black and blue, and in colorful tones with trendy patterns can also be worn outside of the sports rooms with parkas, blazers and booties as lounge and athleisure fashion.

Care instructions for the women's yoga pants

As a premium brand, we use the best fabrics of the highest quality. If the care instructions on the trousers are followed, you can enjoy kamah trousers for a long time. The cleaning instructions on the label should be followed. Washing degrees to determine whether you can use fabric softener, please refer to the instructions on the clothing. Please always wash with similar colors. Drying in a tumble dryer is generally not recommended as it can put strain on clothing and make clothing thinner. There are also substances that shrink in the dryer.

Styling ideas

kamah's yoga pants can also be combined far away from the yoga mat or the sports studio and worn as a lounge and athleisure wear. Thanks to the noble materials, the pants fit perfectly with sneakers, booties and high heels.

Colors of Women's Yoga Pants

The founder Verena Sapper visits the manufacturers in Portugal several times each year in order to be able to select the fabrics and colours. In addition to the popular classic colours black, charcoal and blue, kamah can include seasonal colourful patterns in the collections.