Yoga clothing made from fairly produced organic cotton

What is behind the Yoga CORE or Yoga Cool Cazz collection from kamah. They are relaxed styles of yoga clothing that are not just intended for the yoga mat. Yoga clothing from us is also yoga fashion. Our modern line Yoga Cool Cazz is not only worn by younger yoga enthusiasts, but also older women and men. Yoga clothing is often cut in a classic, functional way. We use natural materials for our yoga fashion. Our high-quality yoga clothing is made from bamboo viscose, organic cotton, linen, tencel and modal. The yoga pants and yoga shirts are hypoallergenic and can be worn wonderfully directly on the skin. The yoga pants and yoga shirts are made with love in a small factory in Portugal. We are regularly in the small factory and monitor that the people there have well-equipped working conditions. In the manufacture of our yoga clothing, it is important that there is sufficient daylight, bright light at the workplace, good seating, a sufficiently good climate in production as well as volume and decent pay. All of that and much more is standard here. Sometimes entire generations and families are already working for the small yoga clothing manufacturer, which has made kamah what we are today because of its quality, among other things. Sustainability in fashion has only been so fashionable for a few years. At kamah, we have pursued the sustainability concept for our yoga pants, harem pants, yoga shirts, yoga bra and all other yoga clothing since the beginning of our company.

Yoga clothing that fits and shapes comfortably

Excellent fit of our yoga clothing follows every body silhouette in a pleasant manner, on and off the yoga mat. The yoga fashion collections CORE and COOL CAZZ are designed for everyday life - and the perfect companion for sports, Pilates, yoga, weight training, endurance sports such as jogging, running, mountaineering, hiking and any other movement. But our yoga clothing is also in great demand for the couch because it feels and is very soft.