We offer all yoga friends an extended SALE.

Selected yoga clothing for women from yoga tops to tight-fitting yet very comfortably fitting yoga pants. In some cases we have reduced the price of individual parts of our yoga clothing collection by up to 70%. We are a small yoga label and don't have 3,000 different styles and sizes. But that's exactly what it is. We pay attention to special cuts of our yoga clothing - whether it is yoga pants or yoga leggings for women or 3/4 length yoga pants. The yoga tops are also used not only for sport. Our yoga shop not only carries colorful tops and crop tops in charcoal colors but also very colorful allover prints.
Every woman who is looking for yoga clothing and wants to wear PREMIUM sustainable yoga clothing should take a look at this yoga shop category from kamah. There are bargains not only for yoga pants. Tops, yoga pants for women, jumpsuits and yoga shirts also find their way to our sale corner. Keep checking back, it's worth it.