Super soft wrap jacket "Tootsie" in heaven

89,95 €

Multifunctional yoga wrap jacket "Natalie" in charcoal

99,95 €

Extravagant tunic "VERENA" in ivy green – Yoga Fashion
Extravagant tunic "VERENA" in ivy green – Yoga Fashion

59,95 € 79,95 €

Multifunctional yoga wrap jacket "Natalie" in charcoal

99,95 €

jackets for coating and winding jackets for sport and for well-being

Winter jackets, rain jackets, summer jackets, leather jackets, cardigans, sports jackets, to name just a few. We all have jackets for every weather in our closet. And yet we never have enough. Never enough of new jackets. Because fashion is inexhaustible and offers new designs, colors and trends every season. Especially in the area of jackets, the market has everything you can imagine. Dabei ist auf Design, Funktionalität und Qualität zu achten.

What is the difference between women's jackets and jackets for gentlemen?

The most distinct is the row of buttons for women and men's jackets. In ladies' jackets, the buttons or zippers are left, with the men's jackets they are attached to the right. Moreover, most jackets are naturally cut differently in the fit:

✔ Women's jackets are feminine-cut. At the same time, there are very thin jackets for cooler evenings that ladies like to wear, as they usually freeze more than men. Ladies jackets are liked to be cut a little longer, widener and slightly tailored over the hip.

✔ Gentlemen's jackets are usually loose and cut wider on the shoulders. They are offered mostly in classic colors, as men follow fewer trends. They rarely buy from a fashionable aspect, but appropriate.

Sport jackets – Yoga jackets as important as warm-up training

In particular, in sporting jackets, demand is great. Almost every sport demands sporting garments – for indoor warming and protecting outdoors from rain and cold. This increases the need for outdoor functional jackets and warming soft fabrics for indoor sports. Sports such as yoga and pilates in particular require effective warm-up training, which should be practiced in garments that have not been chemically treated. Therefore, it should be taken care to buy yoga jackets, the organic cotton of which was grown from sustainable cultivation and chemistry.

What's a good ladies' jacket doing?

A good ladies jacket is recognized by the fact that the skin can breathe in it and seams and threads stretch with movements and not tear. Ladies jackets have to endure a lot, because the torso is constantly in motion. This requires stretchable material that doesn't rip. At the same time, the style of the jacket should be straightforward. A yoga jacket should not have tapes or cords that interfere with sport.

collections that profess color

Designers work day and night on new designs in new colors and patterns. So our jackets are not only functional, but also look visually great. Therefore, cameah offers colors such as blue and black in each collection and additionally seasonal trend colors. This allows you to mix covered with live colours and combine a dark leggings into a bright colorful top.

Are jackets from kamah suitable for other sports except yoga and pilates?

We are careful in the design designs that yoga clothing from kamah can also be worn off the yogamatte. We are important that our sustainable, great fabrics can be attracted to other sports, everyday life and - smartly - in the job. Therefore, our jackets are suitable for almost every sport. Our breathable fabrics allow for a pleasant wearing feeling in the sports of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness, ballet and running, but also combined as an athlete and cool street wear. We offer a large range of jackets: our blooson-style bolero jackets, zipper and training jackets, winding shirts and ponchos warm you functionally and at the same time fashionably.

Can a yoga jacket also work as an athleisure wear?

Surely, a yoga jacket can also be worn outside the sports rooms. She even has to, because clothing should be able to be combined versatile. Our jackets are functional and fashionable at the same time. Because we believe that clothing should be used versatilely. A training jacket, for example, fits greatly with yoga leggings and a yoga shirt and can therefore be dressed well before and after yoga. Combining them with everyday clothes like jeans and a thin sweater, she turns the look into a cool street style. Our thinner jackets are also the perfect way to convince our winding jackets by high quality, which can be worn versatile by their puristic look. The soft, snugly viscose bamboo material is greatly on the skin and does not seem like a pure sports jacket. So our wrap jackets are true multitalent. They are thin enough to be worn warmly under each jacket, and in the process thicker than pure long-arm sports shirts.

What does sustainability mean?

We use biological raw materials that are processed environmentally friendly. Our Portugal manufacturers mainly process natural fibers that are degradable, such as wool, organic cotton, linen, pulp and wood fibres such as tencel and bamboo. With the use of recycled PET bottles, we use raw materials already used. We use product packaging that are biodegradable and our labels are made of paper. The textile band and a safety needle can (and should) be reused.

bio favorite parts

Each of us has favorite clothes in the closet, which is most often attracted. This is either due to the great quality or style. Clothing of kamah quickly evolves into such favorites. Because we use high-quality fabrics that are pleasant to wear and are also fashionable. Our yoga winding shirts, for example, consist of a magnificently soft material made of single Jersey, 94% viscose (bamboo), and 6% elastane. Many of our products are fast drying and therefore easy to clean.

How do I care about my jacket holding it as long as possible and looking great?

The right care is of course a proper storage. Therefore, jackets should always be loosely hung on a matching iron. This allows folds to be prevented. Of course jackets need air: the wardrobe should not be packed too full. Great suits walk-in wardrobes, as they ensure a steady air transport. Wet jackets should be dried by the air before they are packed back into the closet. For a great smell, you can use a perfume for clothes.

Wash and dry jackets properly

Jackets need to be washed and dried. Just how? Generally speaking, it is important to read the washing slip on your garment. There is a note of the material your jacket is from and how you can wash and dry it. Because there are sensitive jackets that are only allowed to be cleaned. Therefore, here is: hands away from your own cleaning, and off into professional cleaning. Most jackets, on the other hand, may be washed at low temperature or hand wash. Here, of course, it is important to pay attention to the temperature, which is usually cold linen or a maximum of 30°. Soft dishwashers should not be used, however, as they place an invisible coat around the fibers that prevents moisture exchange. Careful attention is to dry the jacket, because many jackets should only be dried on the clothesline.

Why are ladies jackets subject to a trend?

Why do we want It-Pieces? How do we combine and style them? Why are jackets for women subject to a trend, when a jacket should be primarily functional? How can a custom jacket go out of fashion? We are trying to get to the bottom of these questions. Women love shopping and owning a wide variety of clothes. Today the media are reporting on the trendy leather jacket, tomorrow the It-Piece trench coat. We see the styled products and want to own them. Because maybe we already have a trench, but in a different color or style. Designers are always reinventing a product. In new colours, new cuts and new materials. So we have the impression that we do not yet own this type of jacket. The market knows how much women like to dress up again. And reacts accordingly with always supposedly new jackets. The market for sporty jackets is a little different. This is because it is not possible to experiment with different cuts to the extent that it is possible to do so. Sports jackets must be comfortable, functional, breathable and stretchy.

How do I patch and repair a jacket?

Once stuck, and you already have a hole in the jacket. Either you bring the jacket to the seamstress, or you try to patch the hole yourself. But how does it work? Even without a sewing machine, it is possible to repair a jacket. There are patches that can be glued to a jacket: it is best to put the glue thinly on the patches with a brush. In order to avoid unsightly adhesive changes, you should not brush the glue directly on the jacket. Now the patch can be glued to the crack.