Gift voucher - €25.00 towards beautiful yoga wear

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Gift voucher - €40.00 for beautiful yoga clothes

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Gift Voucher - €50.00 for yoga and more

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Gift Voucher - €100.00 for yoga and more

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a gift certificate for loved ones

Again and again the question arises: what do I give...?

How often do you look for small or larger gifts of the heart that are not commonplace? A fancy present is really a wonderful way to say thank you to your loved ones and make them happy! And if you can't decide, you'll find what you're looking for in our beautifully designed gift vouchers.

Not only at Christmas, but also on name days or birthdays, people like to give special surprises and presents. Verena travels all over the world and collects one or the other hand-picked individual gift for you. You can use them for many occasions: Christmas, as a Mother's Day gift or as a love gift on Valentine's Day. Surprise your loved ones with a Buddha necklace, the matching bracelet, soft scarves and shawls, a cap with the COOL CAZZZ cat - a Tibetan flag or a Buddha figure made of jade as a lucky charm.

Aerial cloth and yoga accessories

Aerial Yoga - these are weightless asanas practiced while floating in a cloth.

The aerial cloth can also be used very well like a hammock for deep relaxation.

kamah offers two complete packages. You can also buy the aerial cloth individually in the color of your choice. There are special prices for orders of 10 or more towels of the same color.