Our yoga pants for women

sit perfectly on the body 100% They adapt perfectly to every asana movement due to the very high percentage of stretch and our elaborately crafted mesh inserts. We are talking about yoga pants for women. These pants can be used as yoga pants for women, but are also perfect for any other endurance sport - but also for the city athleisure look.

Yoga clothing for women must fit perfectly and move with you

For the asanas, clothing for yoga must be tailored to the body. It is important to use very elastic fabrics with a high percentage of elastane. The design only has to follow fashionable aspects, but also be characterized by functional properties such as high breathability in the form of mesh inserts. Breathable fabrics that transport body heat away and do not store much heat are important. Mesh inserts such as our tops and leggings are particularly suitable for a pleasant climate and comfort. Kamah offers a wide selection of yoga leggings, with all-over prints, tops for Pilates and other endurance sports. Our yoga pants for women are specially cut so that they fit figure-hugging and still do not pinch during asanas. But we don't only have figure-hugging, tight yoga pants in our range. Also baggy trousers or harem trousers in long or 3/4 length - which comfortably follow all movements and are also ideal for leisure time. We offer a whole range of different styles of trousers: wide, tight, long, short with print or plain colors. You will find matching t-shirts with mandalas or yoga shirts or sweaters that you can wear on vacation or for other leisure activities.

Women's yoga pants, yoga leggings

The yoga leggings from kamah were specially developed for yoga practice. Often these yoga pants have a higher set, ergonomically shaped, double-layered waistband. This special functional yoga design ensures optimal hold and cuts a fine figure with every exercise. The sustainably produced fabrics are very flat and extra tightly woven or produced so that the material hugs the body like a second skin, very thinly and comfortably. The yoga pants for women are not only beautiful, they also have a number of features that can be found in purely functional clothing for all kinds of sports. These include breathable, quick-drying, dimensionally stable, color-stable but also reducing pilling. When selecting the materials, we look to fair production as well as environmentally friendly, skin-friendly aspects. Yoga is holistic - not just our yoga suits - but also our attitude.

Women's yoga pants with versatility

Yoga pants for women are not only a very popular item of clothing for yoga or Pilates. These pants are also worn for running for jogging or as all-rounder pants in the city with UGGs or other boots. The yoga pants are usually made of poly fabrics and are therefore breathable and at the same time very stretchy. All yoga pants models from kamah offer a great deal of freedom of movement and still reliably stay in place. With kamah yoga leggings, every woman is perfectly equipped for future training sessions.

Also next to the yoga mat

Not only clothes are necessary for in quiescent sport. One must also have a good yoga mat with himself. She is very important for your yoga hour. Besides, good mats dispose of a special surface structure. This is necessary, so that you do not slip away with the Asanas and hurt yourself. Good yoga mats can already cost up to 200 euros - who trains, however, regularly, that should not renounce such a yoga accessories. The designer herself has long legs - hence, the trousers are generously cut in the length. For smaller women: Is a matter shortening here in almost all cases fast and easily. One must sew nothing - only the hemlines take a short-cut.

Which forms the yoga trousers are there?

Long yoga pants, ¾ yogas trousers, harem trousers, Hot pants, shorts. These trousers are well suited for your yoga hour. Indeed, you can also exercise other sports in your trousers, as for example Pilates, dance & tap dance, fitness or jogging. Yoga fashion has developed for this the most different forms of the yoga trousers. Thus the long trousers can be, for example, a yoga Leggings, a Culotte, an other yoga pants in the boat cut style and alternatively with narrow leg or a yoga suit one-piece swimsuit or Jumpsuit.

Yoga trousers in great colours and creative patterns

kamah sketches yoga fashion in stylish designs in great colours and patterns. The collections fit in the colour to the seasons. Summers collections are formed in bright colours, winter article in covered tones. Classics like black and blue are available the whole year. BASIC product like yoga Leggings and Culottes are all-year in the assortment.

Are trousers the yoga ladies standard dimensions?

Almost all products are made after standard masses. We have BASIC yoga trousers like the classical Leggings which is made after standard dimensions XS to XL. For exact dimensions data you find tables on our website. however, kamah develops also yoga trousers for greater grown women whose leg end can be cut off individually. Therefore the leg length can be adapted. Moreover you find information in the text Description with the respective product.

Great styling tips for yoga pants

While skirts already once difficulties prepare by the for example suitable shoe choice, trousers always win the running around uncomplicated styling. We love yoga trousers. Since they fit to every occasion. In the office and in the Home office. In the sport and on travelling. In the club and in the restaurant. Yoga trousers can be combined sportily, nobly or cool. And every figure type can carry trousers. Combined with an Oversize shirt the trousers create a simple look, freely of belly to the top a sportive style. Our yoga trousers are from high-quality material what it catapults – beside the sport trousers – into the everyday look.