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Unisex hoodie "Yiph", color quartz- super soft sweatshirt

That's right, it's super soft, the fabric makes you feel good thanks to the thicker fabric, it even keeps you warm and not too short, I'm still considering buying the other colors. 😉



Jacket to wrap "Tootsie", color charcoal

Very soft, nice material - I think the long sleeves are perfect. Goes slightly down my long arms - but I really like this when it's not cut so short. Warms and I've already been asked 3 times about the jacket, where I got it from. On the couch but also perfect when I pack mine in it after my yoga session.

Camilla G


Yoga Pant "Oscar" - Perfect fit & chill pants

Great piece, wear it 3x a week for sports. Super fit - yes narrow, but not tight. I'm 190 and wear size. L. Super soft and even after multiple visits to the washing machine, it still looks great. That's why I wear them sometimes - if not in the laundry - on the sofa or just at home to chill. thanks



Harem pants "Charlie", nightblue - Super comfortable 3/4 yoga pants

Slip in and feel good. The pants fit perfectly and are super comfortable. Like everything from Kamah, it is very comfortable to wear. I can only warmly recommend her.

Renate Allcock

The managing director and designer Verena Sapper

Kamah - my soulful lifestyle

Elegant and bohemian, my grandmother had a passion for fashion all her life and always showered us all with her beautiful creations. I admired and loved her very much - so even as a child I was fascinated by fabrics and colours. During my fashion studies, I couldn't let go of the dream of one day launching my very own collection.
After graduating as a fashion designer , I worked as a freelance designer for sports and fashion labels for a long time. At the same time, I was able to live out my creativity as a costume designer for TV and cinema . That got me the German TV Award for Best Costume in 2007. The versatile film work is still my great passion today, along with Kamah.
Since the founding of my company for yoga, sport and soulful lifestyle I have been supported by a great team; together we develop the collections in our Munich studio.
It is very personal to us to design clothing that combines fashionable design with high-quality fabrics . Sustainability and respectful, friendly cooperation play a very important role in all processes.
This is the only way to create collections that give you, as a Kamah customer, an all-round good feeling . I want to help you feel authentic in my clothes and simply be "yourself" . Kamah's unique garments support you in this.

The Kamah company is an expression of my deeply personal philosophy of life: Sustainable and for the benefit of everyone - our customers, our production partners and especially our environment.

We Care - You Wear LOVE = kamah

your Verena

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Jedes Jahr verbinden sich Yogis und Yoginis miteinander, um den Welt-Yogatag und die Tradition des Yoga zu feiern. Sie üben gemeinsam in Studios oder an der frischen Luft Yoga, meditieren und singen Mantren.  Der Welt-Yogatag, der jährlich am 21. Juni gefeiert wird, wurde 2015 von den Vereinten Nationen ins Leben gerufen, um die zahlreichen Vorteile von Yoga weltweit zu fördern.


Yoga-Übungen zu praktizieren ist eine wundervolle und mittlerweile wissenschaftlich anerkannte Art, den Geist zu beruhigen und zugleich auch den Körper in Form zu halten. Nur, hast du dich je gefragt, welche Auswirkungen die Mode-Industrie – das bedeutet, auch die Herstellungsprozesse deiner Yoga-Kleidung - auf die Umwelt hat?

RUNNING&YOGA. mit kamah.

RUNNING&YOGA. mit kamah.

Auf den Laufbändern in den Studios wird es definitiv ruhiger! Denn es ist wieder soweit: Running-Fans, die warme Temperaturen lieben, können endlich wieder draußen laufen gehen. Die leichtere Laufkleidung wird aus den Tiefen des Schranks ans Licht geholt und die Laufschuhe für den Outdoor-Run kommen wieder zum Einsatz.

Yoga clothing made from 100% fair organic cotton - Your Yoga Shop

Yoga is no longer a niche sport. Yoga studios are springing up everywhere. Whether in Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin or Hamburg. There are yoga studios on almost every corner. You can now learn yoga online. Yoga-Easy offers some suitable learning programs for beginners. Many online yoga shops advertise organic yoga clothing. However, Kamahyoga not only advertises 100% sustainable organic yoga clothing, but also monitors every single production step from production to delivery. We only work with manufacturers in Portugal that allow fair wages and working conditions. Yoga is not just clothing, but only becomes holistic with the attitude to what it should be, mindful life. When it comes to our yoga clothing, we not only pay attention to a comfortable fit and good wearing properties such as 4-way stretch, but also test samples ourselves. The aim is to run a yoga shop that only offers what we like to wear ourselves. That's what you feel - convenience and flexibility.

Yoga clothing must fit snugly

Whether it's yoga pants for women , yoga pants for men , tank tops for yoga or the lounge or yoga bras - one thing is important: They have to fit snugly and yet comfortably on the body. Yoga clothing such as yoga shirts for women, tank tops for men or yoga sweaters and leggings must be breathable and, due to the high stretch content, must be able to move with you. In addition to the right yoga clothing, a good yoga mat is of course also necessary. The aerial yoga exercises in the aerial towels are also particularly popular. Once attached, you float and can do your exercises in the air without gravity, which is easier on the joints. It doesn't get any better than that.

Organic yoga clothing is particularly popular

Yoga is an attitude, not a sport or a series of exercises. It's not about who is the best. Rather, it is about the goal of achieving the personal ideal setting for the harmony of body, mind and soul. In doing so, one automatically achieves the replenishment of strength and energy. A sustainable and alert lifestyle also includes sustainable yoga clothing. The balance between man and nature plays a special role.
Not only inveterate yogis or yoga teachers are specifically looking for sustainably produced yoga clothing. Even beginners of yoga specifically want yoga clothing made from certified sustainable organic cotton or fair production, as kamah has always produced. kamah's yoga clothing is produced under very good working conditions with fair pay in Portugal. For generations, whole families have been working on our constantly new yoga outfits in the sewing workshops that produce them. Design is certainly important in a yoga outfit - but we pay even more attention to a good fit. Our seamstresses work with fair wages and good lighting conditions, clean air but also breaks are the norm. This is also reflected in our really well-made yoga clothing, which is produced with a lot of care and love. yoga clothing from kamah is and keeps its beautiful shape for even more fun in yoga. Yoga clothing for men is now also very popular, whether it’s cool yoga pants or casual yoga tank tops.

The yoga shop for relaxed yoga

Can sport fashion of a yoga shop be organic? Absolutely! We process almost exclusively natural fibers that are biodegradable: wool, organic cotton, linen, cellulose and wood fibers such as tencel and bamboo. Dwindling resources are protected and people's health is taken into account. We attach great importance to the use of biological raw materials that are processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do yoga shops also offer athleisure wear?

Are you looking for yoga clothes that you can also wear in everyday life and at home? Clothing that feels great, is comfortable and is sustainable at the same time? Yoga clothing - yoga leggings, yoga shirts and yoga bras - has the advantage over classic sports clothing that it can also be worn as athleisure wear outside of the sports session. Timeless and modern design means that the products can also be used as lounge wear. Especially in times of working from home, uncomplicated styling is essential: comfortable, soft fabrics that are great to combine and have a modern, sporty character.

What should you look out for when shopping in a yoga shop?
It is important that the clothes are made of soft natural fabrics. The collections should use compatible materials that are produced with innovative processing techniques. Bamboo, for example, is a natural, skin-friendly and rapidly renewable raw material that has been used for the production of clothing for several years. Many companies pay attention to upcycling PET bottles and packaging materials and rely on RPE and RPA to be environmentally conscious.

Yoga and the Psyche

The health effects of yoga have been scientifically studied for several years. Through the many asanas - purely scientifically proven - the metabolism is stimulated. Yoga has been proven to be an excellent mood enhancer - this is proven by a number of mood and metabolism studies. Among other things, the US book author "Amy Weintraub" described in her book "Temple Dancer" how she overcame her depression with the help of yoga. In the meantime, however, there is also complex, long-term research that clearly proves the physical and mental positive effects of yoga. Psychologists, among other things, have also increasingly dealt with the trend sport of yoga and sometimes even incorporate this "sport" into their therapy. Great skeptics have had several asanas done daily with several test subjects. Not only did the participants' mood improve, but so did their back pain. Yoga and back exercises are now closely intertwined.

Yoga is a multidimensional healing system. It consists of physical exercises that strain the physique, intensive breathing exercises that supply the body & brain with plenty of oxygen. But there is more that makes yoga so unique. The positive emotional as well as health experiences are probably the reason for the worldwide approval.

Yoga is more than a burgeoning trend. In today's very developed and efficiently ticking working world, the harmony between man and psyche falls by the wayside. Comfortable yoga clothes, conscious movements and the quiet "listening" to your body, coupled with conscious breathing - that grounds you again. To this day, there are still few medical, scientific studies that show that yoga and its exercises are beneficial to health - how much that has yet to be proven.

The sporty & the gentle yoga:

Asthanga Yoga focuses mainly on physical condition and the right breathing technique. Constantly flowing movements of the strongly body-oriented exercises are the focus. Jivamukti also belongs to the class of power-strength yoga types. Intensive and sweaty exercises are very popular. Some celebrities also swear by this form of exhaustion, which is usually performed with music.
Bikram Yoga takes place at high room temperatures of around 37-40 degrees. In this environment, demanding exercises and sequences are carried out. Gentler types of yoga are Hatha Yoga Kundalini Yoga, Luna Yoga especially for women or Anusara Yoga.

The Air or Aerial Yoga

It combines gymnastics exercises, Pilates and ballet elements and manages to train almost all muscle groups. We're talking about aerial yoga . The practitioner hangs from the ceiling in a special aerial yoga towel. The body hangs upside down. Due to the necessary high body tension for balancing, the deeper muscles of the practicing yoga student are strengthened. Mind and body are weightless and a number of new asanas can be practiced. Your own body weight determines a large part of the effort required.

kamah yoga clothing has ecological and ethical standards

Seeing the other person and not hurting them - these are ideals like Ahimsa (non-injury) that yoga is about. We also apply this principle to the production of our yoga dresses and yoga outfits. Every yoga shirt, every yoga pants or yoga pant and every yoga top for women and men is made by well-trained and fairly paid seamstresses. Our ORGANIC cotton deserves the name and comes from sustainable cultivation and is grown without the use of chemical pesticides - no overexploitation of nature and people. Kamah pays attention to sustainability and ecological compatibility in all aspects of its yoga clothing, including transport and packaging. As a manufacturer, we regularly visit our producers in Europe such as Portugal. There are no pollutants or chemicals with us. Kamah has committed its producers to ecological standards and therefore only buys organically certified organic cotton. For our Cool Kazz label, we use recycled plastic bottles and old fishing nets for the plastic threads. This upcycling makes Kamah not only a popular yoga & fashion online shop as an outfitter for yoga clothing or sportswear.

Online shop for yoga clothing for men

Men are not subject to every fashion trend. But men are also paying more and more attention to suitable and comfortable yoga clothing and yoga fashion. The soft and comfortable men's yoga pants are particularly popular. Men's tank tops are always popular too. In combination, yoga, Pilates or other fitness and workouts can be denied very well. Functional clothing such as yoga shirts and yoga pants need a high proportion of stretch and should also look good on a man. Because kamah meets these demands for good premium yoga clothing very well, many regular customers are men. We have also been able to regularly equip a large number of yoga teachers and entire yoga studios including yoga students with our yoga outfits. At kamah, every man will find the right yoga moons from yoga pant or yoga fashion in many sizes and shapes. Very flexible yoga pants with a lot of stretch, colored yoga shirts, new and cool cuts for tops and jackets and new colors all the time.

Yoga with its posture keeps mind and body in balance

The Indian theory of movement has been in people's minds and teachings of movement for over 5,000 years. This not only ensures firm connective tissue, but also a balanced mind and good karma. Yoga is an attitude, a philosophy that Verena, the founder of kamah, has been living for decades and represents in her yoga outfits. Every design, every cut is a statement. It doesn't matter to her - whether the yoga clothing is also used for the trend sport Zumba.

Yoga meets fashion design

Why does yoga fashion only have to be practical. Ladies and gentlemen also want to look good when doing yoga. All-over prints, bright colors and accentuating cuts - all yoga styles that are very popular and that kamah always revives in the new collections. Such a design is not only popular for asanas, but also known as the yoga "athleisure look" on the street. Yoga is not only ideal for yoga and Pilates stretching exercises, but also for other types of fitness. The special bra also provides support during the popular Zumba lessons in the studio and also when jogging. Without underwire with particularly strong yet elastic plastic fibers made from recycled old plastic bottles, it is not only perfect for sports, but also ensures 100% sustainable recycling.

Tips for the right yoga clothing for the workout

The right yoga top for the asanas is extremely important, especially for yoga or Zumba for women. The top must neither restrict freedom of movement nor be too tight and tight, thereby preventing blood circulation. 100% comfort can only be achieved with a good material composition of the yoga top. An elastane content of over 60% is important. The plastic fibers should not come from conventional harmful production - but from sustainable recycling, as with kamah. Kamah uses cleaned, shredded old plastic bottles as raw material for its yoga wear.
The neckline should also not be too low, so that no breasts flash out when you stand on your head. A length of the yoga top up to the hip is practical. Power yoga types with a lot of strength and speed should pay attention to yoga clothing with breathable elements - as well as mesh inserts. These tops are also ideal as Zumba clothing. In summary: Perfect fit, comfortable and not restrictive and stylish - with kamah you are sure to find the right yoga top and you can concentrate fully on your asanas or your style.