Styling ideas in yoga and Lounge-Wear

Yoga Kleidung von kamah

It looks just in such a way, as if we spend furthermore still a little time at home...

Luckily we have come to an arrangement meanwhile somewhat with the situation and find out just that everything what we feel first as completely negative, on the other hand, also his good sides has.

For example, there is currently in Outside nothing to miss really.

We can concentrate completely calmly upon our To Dos:

Home office, homework, kids occupy, food makes purchases, food cooks which clears up flat or improves in appearance of the garden, having a clearing-out session, renovating. And so a lot more...

To sweeten all that to You, we have looked around round our online shop and have selected great products for You.

Comfortably and, besides, stylish in the Home office.

The yoga Leggings TYRA is made out of very soft stretchy and functional material opaque nevertheless and the specially high elastic alliance provides for perfect Tragekomfort, because he lkann are also turned if one liked to carry of dear Low Waist. This yoga trousers is suited among other things by the graphic Print on the left leg very well for cool and smart style moments. In combination with the yoga shirt SUSAN in bright tones the look looks smart and stylisch. The figure-stressed long arm shirt cut in compress technology is produced of tender cotton Rib material and is suited perfectly for spring weather.

Even if no Call with the colleagues stands in a queue, it dresses up fun to dress and, besides, delightfully comfortably.

Perfectly for the transitional weather are our yoga Jumpsuits LAKSHMI and FIONA. These careless overalls are to be carried from bamboo material and extremely pleasantly. For the chiller hours lets itself the compress jacket TOOTSIE perfectly in addition infer. There are them in the classical colours charcoal, nightblue and greymelange or also in warm nougat and soft ivy green - and in addition it is made out of soft and cuddly Bambus-Viskose.  

This yoga-compress jacket can be carried openly, knotted or woundly and adapts itself to every look perfectly.

And because there will be completely soon a time after the virus, we can get already once ours High Heels (ideally) from the cupboard. This look becomes in high shoes the trendy Ausgeh look to be able to enjoy the freedom won anew on the terraces of the restaurants and cafés in full trains.

A lot of fun in ours kamah looks which are cool companions for all opportunities. Carry our styles with careless Sneakers, Booties or High Heels, and you will find out how stylisch kamahs products are to be combined.

LOVE, kamah