Your retreat with kamah yoga clothes

Dein Retreat mit kamah Yoga Kleidung

With the advent of the new year, not only good intentions will come into play. There is also an uncontrolled drift towards holiday planning. Ideas for trendy weekend trips battle with plans for yoga retreats and beach holidays. When do you submit your first holiday application to your boss? We say very soon. For, as we know, anticipation is the most beautiful joy. Said, done, and off we go to planning. Yoga retreats shoot like snowflakes out of the ground, and blogs and magazines overlap with presentations of the most trendy and stylish locations in the world. We wish you a lot of fun in finding your personal pin in the retreat pile, and we would like to support you in fashion matters to make your trip perfect.

In your kamah-travel bag there are only clothes that will suit your break: comfortable, soft pleasant fabrics, and at the same time stylish.

Kamah fabrics that carry you well throughout the day and also let you glide in the evening through the retreat halls. There's no room for tight skinny jeans and tight bras. Since your vacation starts with the trip, Kamah has the right style: Kamah's soft jumpsuits will accompany you on every trip. With Tiffany's sweater on, you're perfectly dressed to arrive relaxed.

kamah yoga & style takes care to use pleasant soft fabrics that are produced in a sustainable way.

kamah Bustiers, tops and sports bras sit perfectly, and are naturally breathable. They will hold you steady at every move, and by soft colors and looks they are easy to combine. Whether it's Kamah Yoga Pants Sarah sitting back, or our bestseller Leggings Tyra: every style will accompany you in your retreat away from the yoga mat, for a relaxed lunch and dinner.

Because kamah Yoga & style dresses you stylish and comfortable.

Sustainably styled with kamah so that you have a good feeling all around. For body, mind, and our beautiful planet.


Love, kamah