Coole Yoga Bio Fashion made in Europe

Nowadays, organic fashion from shops and online shops can no longer be forgotten. We pamper our body with natural creams, shampoos and of course organic yoga clothes. And we like to eat organic products. On the one hand, to do us some good. And on the other hand, not to exhaust resources. Also in sports fashion. A sports fashion brand must produce stylish and cool women and men's clothes, and at the same time use natural fabrics.

kamah stands for sustainability and upcycling.

The use of biological raw materials, which are processed in an environmentally friendly manner, is in line with Kamah's view of sustainability -dwindling resources are protected and additionally respect human health. This is why the Munich model cable mainly processes natural fibres that can be dismantled in the course of life: wool, organic cotton, linen, pulp and wood fibres, e.g. the eucalyptus trees or bamboo plants for the incredibly soft tencel and bamboo fabrics. With the use of recycled PET bottles, the label marks the reintegration of raw materials already used into the life cycle.

Athleisure made in Europe.

Kamah produces only high-quality products that are always developed in harmony with man and nature. Because a yoga and lounge Wear outfit should of course be comfortable and also be durable with the best workmanship. This guarantee can only be given if noble materials are used. The requirements for a yoga pant, a stylish wrapping jacket, a cool sweatshirt, a sporty overalls or a Bolero jacket are high: stylish and cool, comfortable, durable, breathable and sustainable. And colorful, in colors like magenta, mint, turquoise and pink tones.  

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As the term Eco used to be a cliche for a nature-protecting activist, the trend towards bio and eco is now unstoppable. We want organic. In all areas. The entire Yoga collection from Kamah, from the development of the fabric to the finished product, including its entire repackaging, is produced in Europe, so the paths remain short and the "carbon footprint" as small as possible. In implementing the various designs, the founder Verena Sapper relies on close cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises, exclusively in the European area. In this way, it can be ensured that an exceptional, high-quality line is created according to ecological guidelines and purity criteria, and that good, traditional craftsmanship is incorporated into the processing.

Collections for ladies and gentlemen.

Since the first hour of the brand 2008, there is also a collection of men with high quality and functional parts. Kamah stands for exceptional, modern design and remains timeless beauty: yoga and Active Wear for all ages and all kinds of occasions: kamah is perfect for yoga, pilates, dancing, fitness, running, travelling or everyday.


We care, you wear.

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