Stylish, functional and sustainable yoga clothes by kamah

Nachhaltige Yoga Kleidung von kamah

Not only since H&M and ZARA have time pressure and stress directed the fashion world. Time is money, and both companies and customers demand tough time management from themselves and their environment. So in the fashion. Companies compete with the shortest production times and costs.

At the expense of quality and sustainability.

Shirts rotate around their own axis after the first wash, seams dissolve, and the fabric loses radically in color and softness. Because the fabric is not given time. Cotton does not tolerate stress, rather it needs rest and time. Only with proper rest periods will the shirt not turn inside later and end up in the wastebasket.

Quality takes time

kamah knows whether the fact that fabrics and yarns have their own rhythm and only in this way can the highest quality products be produced. The choice of the production site was thus the sometimes most important part in the founding phase of kamah yoga fashion. Where can we produce sustainably and fairly, monitoring processes and guaranteeing short transport routes? Where is the perfect symbiosis of quality, sustainability, fair trade?

Portugal, You "beautiful port"

Port for quality and sustainability. Port for best fabrics, soft and creamy, for allergy sufferers. Made in Europe. Best framework conditions to create a label with sexy designs that seeks its own kind. kamah has found its port in Portugal to offer excellent clothes and at the same time cool outfits for ladies and gentlemen.

Eco clothing no longer has to look like eco

As kamah proves, sustainability in yoga fashion also goes with design. Marlene pants, yoga leggings, yoga shirts, cool shirts kamah yoga clothes are guaranteed to consist of breathable fabrics with cool cuts and trendy colors. We attach importance to fair trade, naturally grown raw materials and low-pollutant processing processes.

Kamah's yoga clothes are more than classic sports clothes. Due to its fine fabrics and modern cuts, the fire has become more and more an athletic fashion brand in recent years.