Sustainable yoga clothing & yoga fashion

Nachhaltige Yoga Kleidung & Yoga Mode

Eco-fashion has long since changed its image and shows itself in a wide variety of exciting facets.

Fair fashion, slow fashion, eco fashion - there are countless terms for integrating the sustainability aspect into the fashion business. And the focus of every company is also different. There are, for example, fashion companies that focus on traditional craftsmanship and culture and support small family businesses in Bali that produce handmade jewelry in a traditional way. Other companies, on the other hand, attach great importance to the recycling of worn clothing instead of disposal and are introducing innovative secondhand platforms. Every company has its own approach to sustainability. And of course, green fashion can be combined particularly well with yoga clothing. Because yoga and respect for our environment and fellow human beings go hand in hand.

Of course, not every company that prides itself on the concept of sustainability is passionate about it. Large corporations jump on the bandwagon and try to make parts of their production process more sustainable - but some companies are much greener than they actually are. That of course makes it even more difficult for us eco fashionistas to find suppliers of sustainable clothing that we can trust. So what's the best way to find sustainable yoga Fashion with a beautiful design?


Shopping for sustainable yoga clothing - how does it work?

Tips to keep in mind when shopping for sustainable fashion.
  1. Dare to be curious!

There's nothing wrong with asking the seller a question or two before deciding on your new favorite item. What is this sports bra made of and does it really keep everything in place in every inverted position? Are the leggings stretchy enough and the fabric breathable? It is much better to ask beforehand - and who knows: maybe the seller can tell you super interesting facts about the production of the garment! Especially if you are not sure whether the company is really as "green" as it seems, it is worthwhile to investigate.

  1. Yoga fashion with seven seals

Anyone who pays attention to well-known seals such as the Ökotex standard can be a little more certain that the fashion was produced sustainably. Other reliable seals, for example for organic cotton, are the GOTS and IVN Best seals, which guarantee minimum social standards in the production process. Anyone who particularly wants to stand up for the rights of textile workers and cotton farmers should pay attention to the FairTrade Certified Cotton and Fair Wear Foundation seals. Another important aspect is the location of production. If a company resides exclusively in Europe, the production process is automatically of a higher quality standard.

  1. Choose the fashion that fits YOUR yoga style!

In Bikram Yoga with a room temperature of 40 ° Celsius, the cotton shirt can be produced in a sustainable way - it is simply sweaty quickly. Here it is advisable to wear scarce clothing, such as a Top and choose shorts that are particularly breathable during sweaty asanas. However, if you are the biggest fan of Hatha or Iyengar yoga, where meditation and staying in one position for longer are an important part of the yoga class, you often feel more comfortable with long, loose pants and a soft shirt made of organic cotton.

If you follow these little tips, you shouldn't have any problems finding your new favorite piece for the next yoga class - without a guilty conscience!