Finally, out of the heat of the town –
to the water, in the mountains. The wild nature feel, a sundown enjoy and simply do sometimes nothing...
Do we wish not everybody every now and then?

In summer everything seems even straighter in the town to be even thicker – now the life happens a lot on the street and we hardly find rest with all offers which come up for the distraction.

A few days of change of scenery can cause miracle, so that we come again more to the rest, back to the harmony of body and mind.

My personal styling tips for your time out in summer.

Maybe you know that I act beside my "baby" kamah also as a costume designer and fit out for many years the actors for films and TV films.

My work consists here largely in supporting the emotional aspects of the role. This often indicates to dive together with the actor in the mood situations of the person whom it will be in the different film scenes. In addition, I must perceive him also quite personally with his individual needs and him help physically with the role to melt. This is the basis for my costume draughts.

Alike I also work if I develop the design for our collections and try to sketch the suitable styles for every type.

In the course of the years I have developed by the work with the actors my own form of the typology.
I lay this to my today's styling tips for you:

Are you active with pleasure? To feel your body in the movement, relaxes you, hence, mostly.

Then ours fit shapy Tights from RPA and our first one actively Sports bra INES from bamboo material perfectly to your relaxation type (I carry him meanwhile every day; he is simply soft so fantastically and also gives in the everyday life a good Tragegefühl)

This T-shirt SCARLETT is from natural Tencel material, so easily and cooling like a summer breeze.

Tencel, one from the wood and the bark of Eucalyptusbäumen made thread, is recommended because of his hypoallergens qualities particularly to person with sensitive skin.

The figure-constituent Capris POLLY are from PET bottles recycled. Since 2017 I have resolved to make my personal contribution to the Upcycling of packaging material, luckily the RPA material elective by me fits really perfectly to the natural materials from kamah.

With recycled to materials from art fibre there are very big differences, hence, I select the material qualities personally and test them, before I use them for my collections. As an Allergikerin I am to myself also at the same time my best test person.

If a RPA material is opaque enough, besides, nevertheless, softy and 4-road-elastic, he comes to my narrow choice.

The nice Asia-Blumenprint on these trousers was provided in a special printing; also here careful processing procedures are extremely important to me. About our special Prints I will tell another spot more.

The advantage of ours recycled to materials: By the recycling of PET bottles of provided polyamide fibres dry extremely fast – suitably for all active movement forms or also if it becomes wet sometimes.

Hence, the Capri pants also are perfectly for e.g. SUP yoga


Are you an epicure who loves the beauty and uses the relaxation for the inspiration for new daring ideas?

Particularly many of our Fashion-blog coagulation belong to this type and, hence, love the following styling estate car:

To Bra INES (... as said, my favorite part) the mega-comfortable Jumpsuit LAKSHMI from Bambus-Viscose and stylishe Jacket PAULA in the style of a retro windcheater, if it should become chiller sometimes.

In this look one sees perfectly stylishly from on the street, in the café or with the cultural trip through foreign towns – and can drink, nevertheless, later in Runable aground with the feet in the sand his Apéro.

The high Elasthan portion of the material permits even a spontaneous Open air-yoga hour or Beach volleyball, without one would have to feel, besides, restricted.

Athleisure-Fashion At its best of all just :-)

Are you always highly concentrated in job and everyday life and it is difficult for you to get out spontaneously of the head cinema?

Then I recommend you our supersoft collection parts from bamboo, Modal and snug Sweat material. They are so soft that they seem to embrace you and let feel you your very own sensuousness again.

Extra-long Tank top ERIN from Bambus-Viscose, originally sketched for big Yoginis, one of our best-sellers and with his many colours perfect supplement is meanwhile for every Layer look.

In summer you are able to do in addition very well ours Sarouel-Capris CHARLIE infer. These trousers from bamboo material are light like a feather and are suited perfectly for hot days.

The curled one Longsleeve LAETITIA with his Star-Print can be well laid over the shoulders – with small sandals or Espadrilles the Mediterranean Relax look is complete and the feeling to be in Spain or in the Cote d'Azur already almost really.

And here still my quite special recommendation for relaxation purely

At these magic places bodies and soul can be brought perfectly in harmony: they are in the middle of the nature, hidden in the mountains or in incredibly clarify to unobstructed beaches.

My friend Franziska, one of the doers this wonderful Company, is present with whole heart and knows as a yoga teacher of course best of all what is necessary to come again with itself.

I wish you a magic summer!