May. We associate with it, actually, always wonderful concepts: Spring, Outdoor Life, ease of the being, vacation planning, fresh herbs and crisp vegetables at the farm market and, yes, finally, also lighter clothes. This May feels different anyway. Even better than, otherwise. Because we may enjoy more freedom after the long weeks at home, finally, again. The wonderful, young green of the nature shouts. Let us inhale the marvellous fresh spring air deeply and enjoy the life in his whole fullness!


Nothing feels more alive, than to dress now, by the spring, in new colours and materials. Kamah yoga develops yearly two yogas fashion collections in the seasonal change. Material production and conversion of the designs happen in select Portuguese companies. And what is especially important to us, during lasting production. Our collection lines kamah CORE, the natural collection, and kamah COOL CAZZZ, the active collection, are produced continuously to FAIRLY Trade directives. And we are very proud of it

Trendy sport styles

Kamah stands for yoga clothes, yoga Fashion Items and trendy sport styles. All top, trousers and Jumpsuits are optimum for sports like your workout in the fitness studio, HIIT-and Cycling hours, Running, and particularly suitably for yoga, Pilates, dance, or also to the Hiken and SUP yoga. By the careless style is kamah THE lasting Athleisure Wear label. Fashion for Athleisure, sports moments and lounge moments.

The coloration which fit.

we from kamah develop our products in tones co-ordinated on each other. Thus the collections of the different seasons are combinable, in addition, also very well with each other. One can choose either plain looks and, for example, the black yoga Leggings SAFIRA with the black yoga top SIDONIA infer.

Or one carries the white yoga Pant UMINA or the light grey yoga cut a little further trousers HAMI with the Wraptop WENDY, in warm nougat, and, in addition, for chiller days the same-coloured compress jacket TOOTSIE.

Nobly the colour combination looks white black. The yoga Active shorts WILLOW fits fantastically to the white top TUVA. During the day the style with sneakers can be carried, and in the evening with High Heels to a long arm shirt, as for example to the shirt AND.

Magenta announces tone.

The lounge shirt is to be combined great VALERIE in pale violet, to the pudrigen tone of the magenta palette. By the careless cut this Longsleeve well fits to figure-stressed yoga Leggings, but also our Active shorts. The lounge shirt is a BASIC product which can be easily combined by his bright tone really.

The life is tumultuous enough. Hence, in desen times it is pleasant to be able to let accompany itself in styling problems from kamah. Contact with pleasure us if you have questions - as a qualified costume designer Verena always knows good advice for you

We care – you wear.

LOVE, kamah