We'd love to…

Yoga Bekleidung Yoga Style

Book a Yoga Retreat trip.

Time-out. Escape from everyday life. Pure relaxation. In our thoughts we book Retreats around the world. It's fun to think about where the journey will go. Sometime again. In the suitcase come Yoga Outfits made of comfortable soft fabrics and beautiful colors. Yoga Leggings, a Bolero jacket, a Yoga suit. And of course colorful Yoga Shirts and a cool Sweatshirt.

Organize a Dinner for two.

A nice dinner with a lovely person you haven't seen in a long time.  Sitting opposite each other and philosophizing about the world with favorite music. With a lovingly prepared meal and a good glass of wine. Again soon. In addition to the thoughts about what you would conjure up on the table, the thoughts about what we would wear are also fun. It should be comfortable and chic, perhaps made of organic cotton. Organic fashion is comfortable and light. kamah's stylish Leggings in the color charcoal also fit any Street Style. Or a casual jumpsuit, cool for yourself. And of course the new Culotte pants, combined with an extravagant tunic.

Go to yoga class.

The day is finished. Numerous Meetings and the appointments of the Kids are done. We look forward to the evening and the Yoga class in the Studio around the corner. Again soon. In the sports bag come the Yoga mat, Yoga clothing and a lot of good mood. We consider which Yoga exercises are probably practiced in order to pack corresponding Yoga Styles. In addition to Top and Shirt we take Yoga pants and a cuddly wrap jacket with us. Alternatively, a Yoga suit could fit in case it's a bit cooler shall.

Book a city trip with your best friend.

Rome. London. Copenhagen. We are mentally searching the world for cities that are suitable for a short trip. Pack your bags, travel to the airport and the city of dreams. We can already plan the trip. We need: the best friend, the latest travel guide with all Places to be and a Weekender packed with cool women's clothes: a Designer part, Yoga Shirts for Athleisure moments and trendy Leggings. And on the flight we wear a suit or soft One piece. Which brings us comfortably and stylish to our destination.


Whatever you are planning, we wish you a lot of fun.


We care - you wear.

Love, kamah