What is kamah?



Kamah stands for love. The term comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit and literally means "love" and "deep devotion". The logo with the open lotus flower is considered a symbol of inner beauty and tranquility.


Kamah stands for "Athleisure made in Europe". We produce exclusively high-quality products, which are always developed in harmony with humans and nature. These include respect for the people who produce them and the respect for the nature that supplies us with the raw materials. Fair cooperation with our trade and business partners is therefore at the top of our list.


Kamah stands for sustainability and upcycling. The use of biological raw materials, which are processed in an environmentally friendly way, corresponds to our view of sustainability-dwindling resources are protected and, in addition, attention is paid to the health of people. This is why we mainly process natural fibers that are re-degradable in the cycle of life: wool, organic cotton, linen, pulp and wood fibers such as tencel and bamboo. With the use of recycled PET bottles, we are setting a sign for the reintegration of raw materials already used in the cycle of life. Since 2018, we have also been implementing completely biodegradable repackaging for our clothes-a project in which all of our producers are involved in a joint project.


Kamah stands for social engagement. We support projects that rely on help. For example, a cloister school for Tibetan refugee children in southern India. For each garment sold, we donate to ensure the traditional education of the children in their original faith, the Tibetan Buddhism prohibited in China. The Munich Women's House is another project, which is supported by Kamah with all the heart and regular donations.


Kamah stands for trends. We keep our eyes open for innovative design or new processing techniques, which include sustainable, more compatible materials. Since 2009, we have made clothing made of bamboo in the program, a natural, fast-growing and especially skin-compatible raw material-or rely on RPE and RPA by upcycling PET bottles and packaging materials.


Kamah stands for you & Mich. Since the first hour of the brand in 2008, there is also a special men's collection with high-quality and functional parts. Kamah stands for exceptional, modern design and remains timelessly beautiful-yoga and Activewear for all ages and different occasions: Kamah is perfect for yoga, Pilates, Dance, Fitness, Running, on travel or in everyday life.


Kamah stands for Fairness & Sustainability. The entire collection of Kamah, from the fabric development to the finished packaged product, including its repackaging, is made in Europe-so the paths are short and the "CO2 footprint" remains as low as possible. In the implementation of the different designs, we rely on close cooperation with small, medium-sized companies, exclusively in the European area. In this way, we can ensure that an exceptional, high-quality line is created according to ecological guidelines and purity criteria-and also guarantee that proven, traditional craftsmanship flows into the processing.