Favorite athleisure pieces

Athleisure Lieblingsstücke

Everyone has their own personal favorite in their wardrobe. Sometimes it's a souvenir from vacation that takes us back to sunny, relaxed times or it's just a favorite pair of pants that fit perfectly. The unique thing about athleisure is that you can wear it on so many occasions. Whether in the office, for sports or for shopping: with athleisure clothing you are always perfectly dressed. As a company that produces athleisure sustainably, we at kamah are of course enthusiastic about our own fashion. And so every hard-working bee in the kamah team has their own favorite pieces of clothing that they particularly like.

Verena is the founder of kamah and has designed every single favorite piece with a lot of passion. She also keeps a close eye on the production of kamah parts in Portugal, organizes shootings and trade fairs and negotiates with our partners.

“When it starts to get cooler outside, I have three kamah favorite pieces that I like to wear in combination as an outfit. The INES I wear a Bra in the color Mediterraneo Blu almost every day and I also have it in all other colors. It is super comfortable to wear and is cut so that you can show it off in everyday life. The onepiece RAY I like to combine it in the color Charcoal because it is so mega stylish and comfortable. And the short top RAFFAELA With the open shoulder area in the all-over print Everglades, I also find it super stylish, because the print is simply so unique and stands out.

It all adds up to a perfect athleisure look, with which I am well dressed in the bar even after work. And if the overalls get too warm for me, I slip out of my sleeves and tie them around my hips. "

Angela Not only is she very familiar with every single part of our collections, she is also responsible for contact and coordination with our retail customers. She is also responsible for the most important and playful part of our team: our office dog Ella.

“Our jumpsuit LAKSHMI I find it totally comfortable, the fabric is so pleasantly soft. I really wear it on all occasions, whether to go for a walk, at home or in the office. The LAKSHMI can also be perfectly varied in combination with ankle boots, sandals or sneakers. The best thing is that it really has a perfect fit - nothing presses and it doesn't slip during the day.

The tank top ERIN I like it because it's so long and comfortable to wear. Because we have the basic top in many different colors, you can combine it with everything - for example under the LAKSHMI. The top SAMELIA I also think it's really cool with a stand-up collar because the cut is different.

As I am now wearing the jacket PAULA in the Shang Li pattern really often and gladly. It can be combined so well, whether with jeans or for training, and gives every outfit the perfect touch. "

Andrea is our office fee and is therefore responsible for a large part of the customer orders that we receive. She has an overview of our warehouse and the invoices and is busy packing packages with kamah parts in order to send them out to our customers.

"Our CHARLOT I find pants very casual, I also like to wear them to the office and I really like them in every single color! Combined with a jersey blazer you are right on trend and the trousers can also be worn for business outfits. Like the whole team, I think so LAKSHMI great because it is so comfortable and changeable.

OLGA is also an absolute must-have for me. The long-sleeved shirt is a basic item that you can either wear as it is or pull under it in winter. I really like to wear the color neon purple and the fabric is so pleasantly soft! "

Christine has one of the most demanding jobs in our team, as she is the link between different departments and always keeps track of things. She works partly in the office and is also in constant contact with our trading partners.

“One of my favorites is definitely the sweatshirt TIFFANYbecause the fabric is so super fluffy. It's easy to combine and has a great cuddle factor, especially in autumn.

E.RIN I also really like it, because the top is a nice all-round basic piece. It is super soft, can be worn as a top in summer and is perfect for underneath in winter.

The pants DAPHNE I think the color charcoal is totally cool because it looks like denim and can therefore be perfectly combined in everyday life. And like everyone else on the team, I love the LAKSHMI jumpsuit and the PAULA jacket in the Shang Li pattern! "

Kirsten is our social media and PR specialist. She looks after ours Instagram account and is also our power woman for collaborations with bloggers and the organization of shoots.

"The tank top ERIN I find it super soft and comfortable. I wear this a lot and have it in all colors. With the CHARLOT Pants always look dressed and they are still nice and comfortable. Depending on how you style the trousers, they are perfect for all eventualities: for everyday use, the office or going out to dinner. The crop top SIDONIA I also find the hole pattern super nice because it just has something special. "

Our web designer Lea We not only owe the beautiful design of our website, but they also work actively on our webshop and, for example, update new products.

“I really enjoy wearing the RAY overall, for example you could wear it in winter when you're doing yoga outside. You just feel good because the Ray covers your body with cozy fabric and still doesn't get too warm.

The jumpsuit LAKSHMI opened up new dimensions for me, it really takes you to the next level in yoga because it fits perfectly and doesn't slip. You are well dressed during the day, the fabric is light on the skin and you don't even have to change for the yoga class. And there are endless ways to style it. You can really feel that the material is so high on the skin. For me, the LAKSHMI has been tried and tested in yoga and everyday life and is definitely a favorite. "

Our working student Annika is our youngest addition and strengthens the marketing team. For example, she writes posts for our blog and supports Kirsten with our Instagram account.

“When I decided to apply to kamah, the PAULA jacket with the beautiful Shang Li pattern stuck in my mind, one of the team's favorites. Other than that I like too SAFIRA totally happy. The hole pattern is trendy and makes the parts look very high quality. SAFIRA can also be worn not only for sport, but also great in everyday life. And the men's shirt SIMON I really like to wear it because the fabric is so pleasantly soft and I like the oversized look. "