Athleisure fashion from kamah: sustainable diversity - made in Munich

Athleisure Fashion von kamah: nachhaltige Vielfalt – made in Munich

Our sustainable EveryDay-Wear collections are fully in line with the athleisure trend. But what exactly is athleisure? A few words from us, what is behind the fashion trend.

While sweatpants were an absolute no-go on the street or even in the office some time ago, they are now considered one of the essential it-pieces of the athleisure look: the right sweatpants actually always fit, but the brand and cool styling have to be right .

Sporty looks consisting of yoga clothing combined with a blouse dominate the fashion industry and functional sports fashion today. Loved by international trendsetters and fashionistas, it is gaining acceptance even in the business world. But what does the new fashion trend “athleisure” mean?

Athleisure as a figurehead

Athleisure consists of the words athletic and leisure and thus describes the fusion of sportiness and leisure. It is no surprise that this fashion trend is coming right now: Its origins can be found in yoga, where the elasticity and rapid moisture transport of the natural materials possible were of primary importance.

Since yoga classes came into being in fitness studios, fitness and holistic health have merged into a lifestyle trend. In an age of fitness bloggers, individual body shaping programs and vegan protein shakes, optimizing your own body has never been easier. Fashion also helps convey this feeling: If you wear sporty looks, you clearly show that you also feel part of this lifestyle.

Spontaneous and diverse: athleisure by kamah

For kamah, however, athleisure means something different: athleisure stands for spontaneity, for versatility and endless possibilities.

Our sporty yoga fashion, which has been designed with everyday practicality in mind since the first collection 10 years ago, allows you to create everyday looks that you can wear all day. Whether during the day in the office and in the evening to party, first in the café and then straight to the yoga class - kamah's athleisure wear is designed in such a way that you don't need several outfits a day. This allows you to say "yes" more spontaneously when an opportunity arises that you would normally need sportswear for. With this sporty fashion trend, you will also feel comfortable in your skin at kamah - you can choose between highly functional fabrics or hypoallergenic natural materials, in addition, kamah clothing is always made with elastane. So it is perfect for creating an outfit in the morning that you feel comfortable in all day - and even after that when you add a visit to your favorite bar in the evening.

This is how our designer and company owner Verena Sapper describes what is unique about kamah for her: “What makes kamah so special, so different from other yoga brands? It's two things. On the one hand, the suitability for everyday use. Already 10 years ago I wanted to design clothes that are functional in movement, for sports, for yoga and on the other hand stylish in everyday life, i.e. all-round suitable for everyday use. And the second: sustainability. From the first to the last step. "

Sporty fashion

What is extraordinary about the athleisure trend is that sporty looks are increasingly recognized as full-fledged fashion. With influencers like Gigi Hadid, who finally turned the yoga leggings into an everyday piece, there are no more limits to our imagination and complete outfits are put together from sportswear to create new looks: whether cycling shorts or surfer style, there should be something for every taste. Who would have thought that glowing track suits in 70s style would be stylish again?

Of course, the athleisure look is made for both women and men. Our world is turning quickly and a high degree of flexibility in every respect is the predominant requirement of a society that has become mobile.